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    Wholesale Royal Loc Butter x6 Tubs (48 OZ)! Great package deal Locticians and Loc enthusiasts who want to be sufficiently stocked with the most premium dreadlock maintenance solution on the market! Royal Loc Butter provides a firm hold and brilliant shine while nourishing each Loc from root to end and stimulating hair growth! No Beeswax, No Petroleum, No Mineral, No Sticky Honey, and Absolutely No Build Up Ever!!! One 8 OZ jar lasts up to 28 maintenances (Ships in 5 to 7 business days)

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    Order a bundle of 6 Bottles (48 OZ) of the official Royal Kink's & Coils Liquid Gold Oil! Great package deal for Loc enthusiasts and Locticians who want to be sufficiently stocked with a quality hair care product. A Natural Hair Oil that will nourish your hair and stimulate your scalp for long healthy Growing Flowing Locs. The moisturizing properties of JoJoba Oil can prevent the dry, flaking, and irritated scalp that leads to itching and dandruff. The protein fats and vitamin content of sweet almond oil will help to strengthen your locs and keep them strong. Healthier hair is more resistant to breakage and is also less likely to develop split ends, breakage and thinning.